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Quick Media Solution is specialized in ecommerce website solutions

Quick Media Solution is specialized in Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon solutions or online shopping portals. Ecommerce solution is a way of trading through electronic medium of products and services by electronic mediums like computers, laptops, mobiles. With the help of ecommerce solutions it’s really easy to display your products and services all over the world with complete detailing and transparency also with the help of net banking, credit cards and debit cards payment transactions are very easily done. Online shopping website is like a person opening a shop virtually with the maximum reach to audience all over the world, easy to manage and less expensive as compared to the physical market with limited customer reach. Through ecommerce website data management and inventory management is also easy to manage.

Ecommerce has given transparency of prices and quality to consumers now ecommerce is one of the biggest platforms for retailers / wholesalers / manufacturers. Ecommerce solution and digital marketing opens various dimensions to different businesses worldwide. Big online shopping platforms giving small vendors a marketplace to display their product range and get instant business.

Indian Ecommerce solution market in future and present:-

Now in India every business is going online line and ecommerce websites and users are increasing day by day. According to a latest serve only 12 to 14 percent users are using online shopping websites for shopping. These shows how big Indian market is for ecommerce companies who are investing and establishing their business online with great return expectations.

Problems Indian Ecommerce is facing:-

Indian market’s biggest problem is that whenever a new segment taking birth or growing at a good pace suppliers of that segment increases more rapidly as compared to its products demand and awareness in the market. This leads to end with low margins in the business. Biggest hurdle in India business man majorly deals in cash dealings. Indian Logistics and supply chain network is one of the largest in the world but due to irregular address and land marks it’s nearly impossible for timely and low cost delivery. Margins are very low and as Indian market is not for new businesses because big market players capture major market at very low margins which indirectly affect new startup companies and results in shutting down.

10 Business Benefits of our Ecommerce Application Development Services

  • Overcome Geographical Limitations

    If you have a physical store, you are limited by the geographical area that you can service. With an ecommerce website, the whole world is your playground. Additionally, the advent of mcommerce, i.e., ecommerce on mobile devices, has dissolved every remaining limitation of geography.

  • Gain New Customers With Search Engine Visibility

    Physical retail is driven by branding and relationships. In addition to these two drivers, online retail is also driven by traffic from search engines. It is not unusual for customers to follow a link in search engine results, and land up on an ecommerce website that they have never heard of. This additional source of traffic can be the tipping point for some ecommerce businesses.

  • Lower Costs

    One of the most tangible positives of ecommerce is the lowered cost. A part of these lowered costs could be passed on to customers in the form of discounted prices.

  • Locate the Product Quicker

    It is no longer about pushing a shopping cart to the correct aisle, or scouting for the desired product. On an ecommerce website, customers can click through intuitive navigation or use a search box to immediately narrow down their product search. Some websites remember customer preferences and shopping lists to facilitate repeat purchase.

  • Eliminate Travel Time and Cost

    It is not unusual for customers to travel long distances to reach their preferred physical store. Ecommerce allows them to visit the same store virtually, with a few mouse clicks.

  • Provide Comparison Shopping

    Ecommerce facilitates comparison shopping. There are several online services that allow customers to browse multiple ecommerce merchants and find the best prices.

  • Enable Deals, Bargains, Coupons, and Group Buying

    Though there are physical equivalents to deals, bargains, coupons, and group buying, online shopping makes it much more convenient. For instance if a customer has a deep discount coupon for turkey at one physical store and toilet paper at another, she may find it infeasible to avail of both discounts. But the customer could do that online with a few mouse-clicks.

  • Provide Abundant Information

    There are limitations to the amount of information that can be displayed in a physical store. It is difficult to equip employees to respond to customers who require information across product lines. Ecommerce websites can make additional information easily available to customers. Most of this information is provided by vendors, and does not cost anything to create or maintain.

  • Create Targeted Communication

    Using the information that a customer provides in the registration form, and by placing cookies on the customer's computer, an ecommerce merchant can access a lot of information about its customers. This, in turn, can be used to communicate relevant messages. An example: If you are searching for a certain product on, you will automatically be shown listings of other similar products. In addition, may also email you about related products.

  • Remain Open All the Time

    Store timings are now 24/7/365. Ecommerce websites can run all the time. From the merchant's point of view, this increases the number of orders they receive. From the customer's point of view, an "always open" store is more convenient.